Enjoy this magical time.

Enjoy this magical time.

Christmas time has magic in it and so little is needed to find it. Let's enjoy the little things, celebrate the pleasant moments spent with our loved ones, let's slow down the pace a bit and let's not forget about giving pleasure to those we love.

To make this Christmas time calm, full of love and spent on joyful waiting for the Christmas, take care of gifts for friends and loved ones today.

At Colway International, the Christmas offer is about to start in which you can find product sets 1+1 free, or 2+1 free! This is a great opportunity to give a gift to friends. We also add a gift box to each set, which will certainly look beautiful under the Christmas tree.


Xmas set 1

• Express lift mask 15ml - 2+1 free!

• Gift box


Xmas 2

• Angel lips lip gloss - 1+1 free!

• Gift box


Xmas 3

• Summer shine shimmering body balm - 2+1 free!

• Gift box


Xmas 4

• Nourishing hand cream - 2+1 free!

• Gift box


Xmas 5

• Refreshing body shower gel for men - 2 + 1 free!

• Gift box

In addition, every two weeks, other products will be added to the special offer in festive, super prices! Plan your Christmas shopping with Colway International today:


Body Scrub -15%

Intensive moisture face cream -15%

Baby wash gel -15%


• Express lift mask -15%

• Body sculpting and firming serum - 15%

• Vitamin C -15%

• XShot -15%

• Atelo cream -15%


• Deeply hydrating body balm -15%

• Masterpiece of eye contour -15%

• Magnesium Complex - 15%

• Slimcol -15%

• Lunacol - 15%


This is not the end of Christmas occasions! For each order for a minimum of 50 VP, you can choose 1 of the great Colway International accessories that will make this magical time even more enjoyable:


Scented candle, price: 29.90 PLN/7.90 EUR/5.70 GBP/199 KC

Body brush, price: 29.90 PLN/7.90 EUR// 5.70 GBP/199 KC

Set 5 x gift box, price: 15.90 PLN /3.90 EU /3.19 GBP/99 KC - for the set

Set of 5 x under-eye massage applicator, price: 9.90 PLN/2.39 EUR/2.09 GBP/69 KC - for the set


All of the special offers are available from the status of Registered customer.

Enjoy the magical time with Colway International.





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